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Hey Happy Readers!! Welcome to our Children’s Books Read Aloud! In this video we present Inspirational Books for Kids, With Eyes Like Yours book read aloud by Beth with Happy Cultivated.

Today’s Book: With Eyes Like Yours is written by Lori VandenBroek

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In the Inspirational Children’s Book, With Eyes Like Yours, is a heart-warming and inclusive children’s book written in a rhyming and poetic way. This book embraces just how unique and special every child truly is and is a celebration of love, wonder, and adventure through the eyes of a child.
A book parents will want to snuggle up with their little one and read over and over again.
With Eyes Like Yours is a great addition to Bedtime Stories !!

Happy Cultivated loves to see knowledge and imagination grow in kids as we read aloud children’s books and provide a bedtime story for children around the world.

Kids books read aloud help children to learn to read books themselves. Reading for kids is very important and the way that a children’s book sweeps them on an adventure is irreplaceable.

Storybooks help capture children’s imagination and keep them excited while they read along with us. Letting Happy Cultivated assist in book reading for kids is a good resource for parents to help capture their attention or when parents can’t read books aloud themselves.

Bedtime stories are a great way to calm children for bed and these books read aloud are a perfect way to help them relax at bedtime. Each of our videos are digital reading books for kids.

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These children books read aloud can be used for storytime or for a read along bedtime story. Happy Cultivated strives to cultivate (or grow) happiness in kids of all ages and to provide quality books read aloud for children. Enjoy the high quality videos of our children’s books read aloud.

Leave comments below on what book you loved as a kid or what picture books your children love! We’d love to make a video of your favorite book for all to enjoy.