Why I Read Non-Fiction…

… and think you should too!

Books Mentioned:
* Adam Nicolson – The Mighty Dead: Why Homer Matters
*Jen Campbell
– Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops
– More Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops
* Agatha Christie – An Autobiography
* Paul Bogard – The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light
* Bee Rowlatt & May Witwit – Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad: The True Story in an Unlikely Friendship
* Amy Elizabeth Smith – All Roads Lead to Austen: My Yearlong Journey With Jane (reivew: https://youtu.be/6CzNoSjHGgI)
* Alison Weir – The Six Wives of Henry VIII
* Margaret C. Sullivan – Jane Austen Cover to Cover: 200 years of classic covers


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