Top 5 POSITIVE News Stories, JULY 2022 | News Stories That Give Us Hope | Good News Stories

Top 5 Positive News Stories, July 2022, are news stories that give us hope. They are good news and positive news that we all long for as we are constantly fed with negative news, be it on news channels or social media.
The month of July had 5 major positives; fantasy Wonderland of 500,000 balloons gives sick kids most uplifting fundraising event ever; baby shoes dissolve in water after your infant outgrows them, saving space in landfills; airline captain writes note to tooth fairy for girl who lost tooth on plane; firefighters came to the rescue of a kitten trapped in a Walmart Pepsi machine; “Britain’s Kindest Plumber” hailed as modern-day-hero for charity work has helped over 52,000 families.

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00:32 – Positive News Story 5
02:13 – Positive News Story 4
03:38 – Positive News Story 3
05:10 – Positive News Story 2
06:18 – Positive News Story 1