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If you know me you know I am passionate about helping ALL creators earn money for their work. In 2022 and beyond, it’s time everyone accepts that there’s a huge audience for just about anything you want to create online. And that means there should be LOTS of ways to make money writing fiction online.

But until now, I didn’t know of any. I had tried to make money writing fiction online on Wattpad and on Medium, and failed both times. It seemed like if you wanted to make money writing fiction online, you either had to get very lucky or be very well connected.

So that’s why I’m so thrilled to share this video with all you fiction writers out there, who deserve to make money writing fiction online just like the nonfic bloggers! This platform is paying to post fiction writing online. There’s a huge audience. If you’ve been waiting to get your foot in the door and make money writing fiction online, this might be the platform for you. You can find more about Stary Writing here:

Further info:
The author I interviewed, Phoenix, has won two awards in the Stary 3rd Anniversary. If you’re interested in this event, please check here:

You can check out her two stories here ( and here ( if you want to get a taste for what is successful on Stary’s writing platform.

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