The Norse Myths: 18 Inspiring Stories of the Viking Age | FULL AUDIOBOOK | Mythology

Greetings weary traveler! Welcome to The Norse Myths : 18 Stories of the Viking Age, an epic full length audiobook saga of dragon-slaying heroes and giant-smashing gods from Norse Mythology, which inspired Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Wagner’s Ring Cycle and the Viking warriors themselves!

– So take refuge by the fire, draw up a flagon of mead and let my telling of these tales accompany you any time of the day or night, at home or out on your own adventures. Make sure to share these tales and keep the legends alive my friends! PS. chapter timestamps are below…

– These stories are here retold by Alex Frith and Louie Stowell with some adaptations by myself. Narrated and produced by me, Steven Garnett. Musical interludes are Governor of the North by Jo Wandrini, licensed through Epidemic Sound.

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00:00:00 – Settling in…
00:01:42 – About Norse Myths
00:02:45 – Characters and Realms

Part One: In the Beginning…
00:06:41 – 1. Ymir and the Gods
00:17:59 – 2- Odin’s Thirst for Knowledge
00:25:05 – 3. The War of the Gods

Part Two: Stories of Loki
00:36:20 – 4. Loki Lends a Hand
00:43:36 – 5. Loki’s Children
00:51:28 – 6. Loki Tricks the Dwarves

Part Three: Stories of Thor
01:14:54 – 7. Thor and the Sea Serpent
01:27:18 – 8. Thor’s Wedding Day
01:44:06 – 9. Thor and the Frost Giants

Part Four: Stories of Giants
01:58:40 – 10. Hrungnir Against the Gods
02:11:08 – 11. Thiazi and the Golden Apples
02:26:20 – 12. Lost in the Land of Giants

Part Five: The Golden Curse (of the Volsunga Saga)
02:51:51 – 13. The Otter’s Ransom
03:13:28 – 14. Sigurd the Dragonslayer
03:28:33 – 15. Brynhild and the Ring of Fire

Part Six: The End of the World
03:54:22 – 16. Balder the Invincible
04:05:26 – 17. Ragnarok
04:12:25 – 18. A New Beginning

04:15:06 – Where the Norse Myths Came From
04:17:27 – Closing Thoughts…

What a little treasure trove of exciting and inspiring stories the Norse Myths are! I hope you found something special in listening to them.


Although we have reached the end of this journey there are always new adventures to be undertaken, so where now?

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🦊 Steven

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