The Best Mental Health Book of 2022

Book summary of “why has nobody told me this before?” by Dr Julie Smith, a clinical psychotherapist and influencer on tiktok and youtube as @drjuliesmith . “Why has nobody told me this before” is the best mental health book of 2022, it was published in 2022 by Dr Julie Smith @drjuliesmith. I go over the summary chapter by chapter of the self help book “Why has nobody told me this before?” and explain Dr Julie Smith’s ideas.

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welcome and let’s spend some time hanging out together the book i’m about to present you and summarize for you today is just amazing and i’m waving my word when i say that dr julie smith the author is a clinical psychologist so a highly trained professional who had her own consultation cabinet and shortly before covey 19 she and her husband decided that maybe she should make videos because she kept getting these people coming to her who needed education on the matter of psychology and mental health and behaviors but who didn’t have these huge problems and she was kind of mad that there wasn’t better education material available so that she was always repeating the same thing with her patients she made some cringy youtube videos she made some less cringy tick-tock videos on her channel completely blew up today it’s over 3 million viewers and she wrote a book about it now i’m usually skeptical of youtubers writing books but hers is amazing it’s called why has nobody told me this before (…) at the moment the topics include motivation self-doubt grief and mourning emotional pain fear anxiety stress but she also discusses what it means to lead a meaningful life and to (…) bothering us and what she shows in her little diagram is that all of these elements feed each other and become kind of loops that can increase problems that we had before on one thing that we can be doing that is negative for us is feeding our low mood and our sadness so for example you might be feeling low (…) to tolerate the stress better when you are going to be able to nurture a good mental health of course each chapter goes into a specific aspect of the problem and she talks very clearly and plainly about the different research it’s also extremely state-of-the-art and up-to-date i couldn’t find anything that seemed slightly outdated like coming from the 90s like the book for example like the body keeps a score is an excellent book

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