A TGP Inspirational Leadership Podium 2/2022 featuring Tpr. Ts. Norliza Hashim, Chief Executive Officer of Urbanice Malaysia. It is a platform for well-known, established, and prominent public leaders to share their experiences and knowledge from their careers. This virtual podium is co-organized by TGP Talent Cohort 9 & TGP Secretariat, Institute for Health Management.

Theme: Transformational Leadership – Redesigning Healthcare to Current Nuances
Date: 16 June 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 2.00 pm -4.30 pm (GMT+8)
Here is the link for program book:

Transformational leadership refers to a leadership style that affects both individuals and social systems. It promotes valuable and good change in followers in its ideal form, with the eventual goal of growing followers into leaders. In its purest form, transformational leadership improves followers’ motivation, morale, and performance through a variety of techniques. These include connecting a follower’s sense of self to the organization’s mission and collective identity; inspiring followers by being a role model; challenging followers to take greater ownership of their work, and understanding followers’ strengths and weaknesses so the leader can match them to tasks that maximize their performance.
At this moment, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused many changes in healthcare workers’ routines and activities, as well as in managerial leadership styles in mitigating the COVID-19 implications. Transformational leadership is one of the most suitable leadership styles to lead human resources in these uncertain environments.