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If you want to really learn about a complex system like the human mind, study what happens when it’s pushed to the breaking point. Deep Survival flawlessly explains how the mind processes strong emotions and instincts, develops models of how the world works, and continuously adjusts those models in stressful and demanding circumstances. Laurence Gonzales’s bestseller has helped save lives from the deepest wildernesses, just as it has improved readers’ everyday lives. Its mix of adventure narrative, survival science, and practical advice has inspired everyone from business leaders to military officers and psychiatric professionals on how to take control of stress and make better decisions under pressure.
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0:00 Introduction
4:10 About the Author

7:20 Ch1: Look Out Here Comes Ray Charles
13:45 Ch2: Memories of the Future
21:05 Ch3: A Map of the World
26:55 Ch4: A Gorilla In Our Midst
34:00 Ch5: Bending the Map
47:40 Ch6: We’re All Going to Die
54:00 Ch7: The Day of the Fall

59:35 Next Time & Goodbye!

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