IT’S ON YOU – Inspirational Leadership Video

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Orignial Leadership Content by JB Kellogg

Title: IT’S ON YOU
Written & Narrated by: JB Kellogg
Music by: Kick Lee (We Up)


You’re the leader.
It’s on you.
You didn’t pick leadership.
It picked you.
You’re called for this.
Break out of your shell.
You have what it takes.
You were born with it.
It’s in you.
A seed.
Water it.
Embrace it.

Invest in your success.
Study leadership.
Read books, watch videos, listen to podcasts.
Create your leadership brand.
Then live that brand everyday.

Make a massively positive impact on your team.
Love your team.
Pour into your team.
Lead them.
They don’t want a manager.
They want a leader.
A heroic figure.
A role model.
Be that.

Build a championship team.
See the potential in every person.
Pull it out of them.
Coach them.
Inspire them.
Teach them.
Demand excellence from them.
And all along the way, be the example.
You set the tone.
You cast the vision.
You bring the attitude, effort and energy.
So start moving.
No regrets.
They will follow you.

Make the culture your #1 priority.
It’s your performance environment.
It’s what provides the energy and passion needed to fulfill your plan and achieve your mission.
To make your vision a reality.
If you invest in the culture, the performance will follow.
Championship leaders build championship teams that drive championship performance.
Focus on the culture and execution of your team in order to capture the dream.
You’re the leader.
It’s on you.


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