Interactive, inspirational, gratitude journal. Adventures of Celerina

The story of Celerina is inspiring and encouraging. By changing ones mindset and habits that no longer work for them, they finding new ways to live.
Throughout this journal there are inspirational quotes, self discovery questions that are asked with compassion to help heal past pains and or ways of improving oneself. Each drawing is a collage of places Celerina explored with people she is inspired by. One photo from each drawing was used to help bring more awareness to the details of the drawings. And add a bit of inspiration to explore the world. The other features of this journal assist in ones journey with gratitude and positive affirmation suggestions. There are places for writing what comes up and the day one had experienced.
Thank you for your interest in my creative expression of inspiration. May this journal help you in some small way. I am grateful for the love and light you share with others.
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