Gender Inequality in Books: Who Are You Reading?

On average, men read four books by male authors for every one book by a female author. And only a third of books on the non-fiction bestseller lists are by women.
Thought we’d got past this gender imbalance in the book world? Well, you wouldn’t be alone in assuming that all genders would be on more even footing by now! So this International Women’s Day we’re asking: What’s going on? What can we do? And who are you reading?

In this video you’ll hear from Mary Ann Sieghart and E.B. Bartels – you can find their work here:
The Authority Gap by Mary Ann Sieghart:
Non-Fiction by Non-Men created by E.B. Bartels:

0:00 Do men and women read different authors?
0:25 Is it better to write under a pseudonym?
1:03 Do women and men sell equally in non-fiction? And why does it matter?
1:41 What can we do to reduce gender inequality in the book world?
2:37 What books do men and women recommend?
3:02 Do men enjoy books by women?
3:36 What belongs on the Smart Thinking shelves?
4:02 Do writers who are black, indigenous or women of colour face more barriers in the book world?
4:27 Have literary prizes made any progress in being more inclusive?
4:54 What can we do to diversify the authors we’re reading?

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