Best Inspirational Story of Faith and Hope to Motivate You

Hi friends. Today I am sharing the best motivational story I came across in my life. The story Last Leaf by O Henry is a masterpiece. Like all his other stories, this one too is heart touching. This story has many good lessons for all to learn. The story is about the power of friendship, hope, love, sacrifice and care.

The Last Leaf is a story with a lot of values. It is true that a real friend is one who helps you in need. In the story, Sue and Johnsy were good friends and artists. When Johnsy fell seriously ill with pneumonia in November, Sue loved Johnsy and looked after her like a mother in her state of illness. She helped Johnsy get out of her depression and was happy at Johnsy’s recovery.

Berman was a poor artist who always believed that one day he would create a masterpiece. When he got to know a that Johnsy believed that she would die when the last leaf from the ivy creeper falls down. Berman felt that the last leaf would fall down in the storm. So, he painted a leaf on the wall which looked extremely realistic. But, two days later he got pneumonia and died. This sacrifice of his lead to Johnsy’s survival.. Therefore, the story is the story of supreme sacrifice.

The determination and strong willpower that helps a patient review sooner. Johnsy felt dejected and depressed due to the attack of pneumonia and had lost her will to live. Medicine was ineffective. In person, a person with strong willpower and determination can do anything..