An Inspiring Leadership Story

Hello everyone!

Today, I would love to share a very inspiring leadership story. And I would love to share that with you because it’s very uncommon that I got to share stories with you in my Shiny Mind Show but this one is really going to inspire you and really going to make you think twice maybe in your decisions. Especially about your leadership decisions.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life. You can lead teams of hundreds or thousands. Or you can lead a lot of kids at home. Or you can lead your friends. No matter where your leadership story is, this will be, I believe a very good story.

This is a story of a leader where she experienced something so unique about herself and her own leadership skills.

I’m truly looking forward to helping you grow, become your best self and live your best life on your own terms, in your own Shiny Mind.

And it’s our time to unlock our true potential and become who we are meant to be! Because the world needs us, more than ever before to make it a better place.

And for that, we’ll all need more LOVE ️ and our SHINY MINDS.


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With love ️

Shiny Unsal

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