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OUR KID’S BOOK: All About Apples
Apples are a great food to eat in fall.

Apples are a fruit. They grow on an apple tree.

Some people go to apple orchards to pick apples. Apple orchards are a place with a lot of apple trees.

Apples are a round fruit. They usually aren’t that big. You can hold them in your hand.

Some apples taste sweet, and some taste sour. There are all different kinds of apples.

Apples can be red, green, yellow, or a combination of all of those colors!

Some people use apple’s to make drinks and food. They can make apple pie or apple juice and apple cider!

The outside of an apple is called the skin. The inside part we eat is called the flesh.

The brown piece at the top is called the stem and in the middle you see the seeds and the core!

Big or small, short or tall. Apples are fun for one and for all.
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