ADVANCED ENGLISH STORY The Cottage Level 4 / 5 / B2 / C1 | British English Story with Subtitles

Learn English through story! Enjoy this British English story for learning English. You can improve your English pronunciation skills with this advanced level British English story with subtitles. In this English story, you’ll meet Rita who has just returned to the U.K. after travelling for 2 years and dreams of living in a typical British cottage. Will her dream come true? Read on to find out!

Read along with this level 4 / level 5 English story for English learners who are B2 and C1 levels. Improve your English listening skills by studying with English stories!

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In this British English story for learning English, you will learn English vocabulary related renovation, English cottages, and travelling.

🤔 Do you know all of the terms and phrases that are used in this English story?

Advanced English words and phrases in this English story:
• Thatched roof
• Inheritance
• To “put down roots” somewhere
• To create havoc
• “Beggars can’t be choosers”
• Plethora
• Homely
• Budget
• Substantial
• Overwhelming
• Overgrown
• Legalities
• Determination
• To “put down a deposit”
• To “breathe a sigh of relief”
• Extension
• Possession
• Arduous
• Renovation

We want to help you advance your English listening practice, English reading skills, and English speaking skills with modern, original English short stories and British English vocabulary!

The reader of the story has a British English accent.

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