8 hidden commandments Champions don’t violate – Sports Psychology Book on Amazon by Muhammad Asim

Hi welcome to this playlist called “Book Talks” – I know you have figured it out but I would still tell you. This playlist is to promote book reading overall and especially in Pakistan.

You are in hurry – oh no. don’t worry check the chapters for this video.

In this session we had the opportunity to host Muhammad Asim to talk about his book “8 Hidden commandments champions don’t violate – Now you have them to achieve your divinity in sports”

Asim loves sports so much by his hearts and think – sports is one of the integral ingredients to achieve success in life. I, Afzaal Hadir – truly enjoy his chat as well as his book. I was amazed to see how well he has articulated those commandments followed by great sports person in the history likes of Muhammad Ali, Imran Khan and Diego Maradona etc. Check this video and his top trending Amazon book in sports.

This is an effort to promote education in Pakistan – promoting books to read them.

If you have any questions – like what will this book help you with to learn.

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Chapters of this Video:
00:00 – Promo
00:36 – Book Talks
01:17 – Muhammad Asim
2:58 – Why sports
4:20 – About the Book
5:50 – Inspiration for the book
8:05 – Home work
10:15 – Writing Skills
11:25 – Reading Skills
12:21 – Imran Khan
13:06 – How to improve reading
15:00 – What to expect from this book
18:05 – Where to buy this book
19:10 – How to contact Asim/Vision
21:26 -Outro

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Book is available on Amazon and you can check this link https://amzn.to/2QV82yJ

Do you have any questions – connect with us or with Muhammad Asim(https://web.facebook.com/mohammad.asim.3532) or email (asimhf10@gmail.com)

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