15 Books To Read This Year

In this video, I talk through 15 of my favourite books / series that I read in 2020. If you’re looking for some recommendations for the New Year, I’d 100% recommend everything on this list. Enjoy!

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00:00 Top 10 Non-Fiction Books
00:08 A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (Donald Miller)
02:01 How to Think More About Sex (Alain de Botton)
03:16 The Righteous Mind (Jonathan Haidt)
04:30 The Psychology of Money (Morgan Housel)
05:59 Storyworthy (Matthew Dicks)
08:09 How To Take Smart Notes (Sonke Ahrens)
08:24 The Ride of a Lifetime (Bob Iger)
08:43 The Elephant in the Brain (Simler & Hanson)
09:11 War Doctor (David Nott)
09:43 Natives (Akala)
10:19 Top 5 Fiction Books / Series
10:22 Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan)
11:27 Six of Crows (Leigh Bardugo)
12:34 Elantris (Brandon Sanderson)
13:41 Normal People (Sally Rooney)
14:40 The Original (Sanderson & Kowal)

Amazon Links to Books
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – https://geni.us/IPPJ1y
How to Think More About Sex – https://geni.us/alainsex
The Righteous Mind – https://geni.us/elcPX
The Psychology of Money – https://geni.us/pLDAGaK
Storyworthy – https://geni.us/js3Ax
How To Take Smart Notes – https://geni.us/3WlAN
The Ride of a Lifetime – https://geni.us/Iv2jQyX
The Elephant in the Brain – https://geni.us/elephante
War Doctor – https://geni.us/0AHD
Natives – https://geni.us/natives

Wheel of Time – https://geni.us/3BVoog
Six of Crows – https://geni.us/crow
Mistborn – https://geni.us/pgFL
Normal People – https://geni.us/PHu4OKo
The Original – https://geni.us/35BrPW1

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