Winstrol Depot is a powerful steroid which is popular in sports industry. This has become really famous and is used by athletes, even though this steroid is not allowed to be used, many professional athletes use it. Normal person can use this steroid and is really effective when it is consumed properly.

Dosage, Results and combination with other steroids

Winstrol depot, should not be injected daily for a person because of its half life. Its too costly to use it daily. Many athletes use this injection and get it injected on legs, arms, calves and shoulders. Scars does not appear in these areas so its injected in these body parts. Many used who use this steroid daily, reduce the frequency very quickly. Generally, 2 to 3ml of winstrol depot twice a week will be sufficient. Proper winstrol depot will give correct gains to a person and there will be no water retention. The body’s water retention effects the process and slowers the weight gain. This steroid is not fast acting and this statement is a fact.


The users of Winstrol Depot will have solid muscle and the strength is balanced and even after stopping this steroid the strength continues. If one is looking for a steroid to build mass as well as strength this is the best one. Learn more about the Winstrol depot side effects.

Side effects of using Winstrol Depot

People who are suffering with high calcium levels in the blood, and people having high cholesterol levels, breast cancer or cancer prostate must avoid using winstrol depot. As this is an anabolic steroid, it causes problems for the female users of this steroid who inject 50mg or even more than this more than once a week. Few female users who have used low dose as 2mg per day of winstrol depot have seen problems. But many users use nearly 10mg . For women, injecting winstrol depot will create slow clearance. This creates androgenic effect and this accumulates in a body to undesirable levels. This results in masculine features and some times the female voice also deepens. This steroid is not safe of women. If women are planning to use this steroid, they must use it orally. Winstol depot also has other effects like cramps, high blood pressure, acne, stools in light color, urine in dark color, pain in abdomen, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, skin changing color, yellowing of eyes, headache, tendon brittleness, pain in joints, changes in the HDL,LDL cholesterol values.  People who have genetic predisposition, it causes male pattern baldness while they use this steroid. As this steroid id 17-alkylated, it can cause liver damage.  Users must refrain using more than 50mg per day. The dosage must not extent beyond six or eight weeks. If a person using winstrol depot, and if they experience any side effects, they should not ignore it. They need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Generally, people who use winstrol depot, consult physician before using the steroid. Learn more before you get started.