Yes, nowadays, many people take web development and web designing in same meanings.  Many companies that are held for differnet purposes, call themselves as either for the purpose, or to whatever name favors their business. Web designing and web development  even though if used for same purpose that is web site building, but are actually two different aspecs and two different skill sets.  Both fileds have different tools and the purpose are also two different things.  It is possible that a person can have both skill sets, but solely netiher web designing nor web development can make a website run successfully.

Web designing, as its name mean, is the design interface of website, what people see and what clients wants to see the masses on his website. Web development is using different tools to make the design interface function and appear likewise.

Web Designing in brief:

Web designing is the visual part of the website, and how a website can be used by the masses.  A simple example can be given if a furniture company builds a website, the design part is how it displays its furniture on website, and how people can use the website at their ease. The keys, the buttons, the gallery and object details. Moreover, how masses can reach the client for purchase through the website. Thus the appearance and the usability of the website is dealt by web designing tools.

web design 1

Web Development in brief:

Now what’s the development part? Simple, it is giving life to the design of the website. Web development is making a website stable using different programming languages and coding on the back side of the website. Programming at small scale can be done via HTML, as for large scale,  programming languages like PHP and other content management systems like Word press and Joomla used by web developers to sustain the websites and make it user friendly.

Websites interface are now easy to handle, any individual can learn and get a website done for him. Apart from companies and running businesses that do not risks with their websites, a set or group of designers and programmers are arranged to run and maintain the websites.

There is a whole lot of difference in web development and web designing, companies have both professional designers and programmers to work on their websites, where at small scale, people tend to learn and get the minor fixing done by any other individualdeveloper.  Anyhow, web development is and web development is growing in each regard, and to some extents the tools have been so compatible that it makes both aspects get alike.