People carry different psychology about music preferences and here, the vast following towards the music leads them to get updated at the very instant time of events behind music production.  Web provides the news, gossips and any kind of music –related event upcoming in following year. People with different tastes and music preferences stream their interests in certain genre, type and even artists help music industry to understand the demand and way of promotion. 2017 new songs will be released on their respective platforms but the promotion, buzz and controversies have already touched their seekers.


How music preference is connected to the music buzz?

Music preference at its general term is taste and approach of music along with their perception towards it. Now in the coming year, you are going to see the attractive headers for the categorized songs or music which separates their concerned listeners according to the genre, type, specific artist, specific kind of songs or other interesting collection varied as:

  • Top Chart numbers: people want to find the collections of year where the genre doesn’t matter then they look of music collections as “top 10 songs 2017”, “top 100 songs 2017” or considering that they will get best of year they term it as “greatest songs of 2017” where they get only specific number of songs all released in that particular year and are selective ones.
  • Latest Hits/ Latest Releases: These are one of the most demanding kinds of collections which are consisting of latest songs, the new releases. Often labeled as “latest song 2017” , “ upcoming songs 2017” or “ 2017 new songs” or “ Latest hits” and anything peculiar which easy to reach out.
  • Specific Singer /Group of Singers: These collections are also available as in assimilation of a particular singer’s hits or all songs of year or even before. Sometimes there are more than one singer like an old and classic collections you may get Rafi, Mukesh and Lata in one collection.

Categorization of collection according to different genres, types and tastes

There are certain examples of collections of music which you get categorized as per genre like pop, rock, jazz, indie, electric etc, or by type like romantic, sad, and devotional or by taste which carry mixed features of genres and types.

  • Top Romantic Numbers of the year
  • Indie collections
  • Top 10 pop songs
  • Hit numbers of Tamil
  • Melodious Hits by Lata Mangeshkar, and so on.