Le-Vel is a name that is currently roaring in the direct sales company market, and they have already made it in being the industry leader with a huge splash in the healthcare and fitness market. Although it cannot be denied, that their employees and the entire management board have worked hard to achieve this, but the sole credit goes to their unique line of health care products along the cutting edge cloud technology that they have been using to streamline their business operations. Aptly named THRIVE, their signature product line has already gone crazy in the entire US, and it has been just four years for them in the industry. So it can be said with confidence that it is still a long way to go for them in the extremely competitive market of health care industry.


Of all the THRIVE products that they manufacture, one of them comprises of the Premium Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology (DFT), and it has been highly successful in breaking through the health, wellness, and weight management sectors. According to the Le-Vel Thrive Reviews, this particular technology has turned out to be the creator of a complete category of products, and the very first of its kind. The natural DFT is being combined with the DFT delivery system of Le-Vel, which owns their proprietary rights, and is infused to skin, which medically known as the derma, with a distinct and carefully crafted nutritional formula. As an outcome of this, the recipient of this entirely unique system finds the smooth and consistent delivery of valuable nutrition with a high rate of absorption.

Research works have shown that while people intend to lose weight and start with maintaining the diet along with a tight fitness regime, the nutritional intake of the individuals’ decreases, and as a result of this, the muscles and the body build is completely broken. The DFT formula has been made in order to support this deficiency that the body finds improving the circulation of the energy while promoting the weight management system to the bodies as well. Le-Vel Thrive Reviews show that several tests have been done, where it has been proven that DFT is capable of supporting the appetite management without bringing any kind of adverse effect to the body. Even all the ingredients that are being used in order to make the unique DFT product have been tested to see that they consist a high level of bioavailability.

While this unique product has already shown its charisma in the market, Le-Vel noticed of one more things. While going through the track records of some of the renowned businesses in the market, their founder members, Paul Gravette and Jason Camper found out, that all of these businesses have been successful in creating a brand value for themselves in the market, which allows them to be easily identified across the world. In order to do so, they needed to have a completely new set of an operational task force that would reduce their overhead cost of running their business as well. The cloud technology that they developed proved to serve their purpose perfectly, and these two combined effort put together helped Le-Vel to give the toughest competition that the health care industry ever expected.