Proper hygiene means taking care of and being cautious about every aspect of your body. It is all about keeping it clean to make it look the best. The kids should be educated about the basic hygiene rules at an early age to inculcate good and healthy habits in them. Parents can also feed in good hygiene behavior in the kids by drafting routines for them and proving themselves as good role models. Proper hygiene practices comprises of bathing, hands washing, keeping your hair neat and clean and brushing your teeth well. Your personal, professional and social fields are all impacted by hygiene habits.

Prevention of diseases

If you wash your hands from time to time, it helps in the spread of several diseases. Every time you make use of rest room or public places, you should wash your hands before leaving the place to get rid of the germs. Make sure you wash your hands before eating anything.


Good smile

A lot of people want to their teeth healthy and have appealing smiles. It requires time to time brushing and healthy dental habits. If you fail to brush your teeth twice a day, they will possibly get discolored, have cavities and fall out with time. As per the American Academy of Periodontology, consistent brushing flossing decline the possibility of gum diseases, bad breadth and tooth decay.

Cost of proper health care

As good health curbs the spread of diseases, it also lowers down the expenses of your health care. Brushing your teeth eliminates the risk of visiting dentist frequently. Efficient bathing and hand washing prohibits rise of contagious bacteria and stomach disease. It eliminates the cost of health expense.

Dandruff prevention

Good hygiene also comprises of washing your hair and periodic brushing. This helps in prevention of lice and dandruff. Find out how to check for lice and get the treatment done. It is embarrassing when you scratch your head in public or dandruff flakes get visible on your dark color dresses.

Self esteem

When you’re clean, you feel good about yourself. When you’re dirty, you do not feel confident. People react positively when they get good vibes from you and obviously it raises your self-esteem.

Sex appeal

You will appeal to more people when you clean and tidy. With good hygienic practices, you will attract more people towards you. When you bad breadth, poor hair, discolored teeth, it will not even attract your partner.

Accepted socially

Good hygiene is important for all types of social acceptance because most people do not want to be around foul smelling or ill- looking people. Children who have good hygiene habits are not bullied or made fun of in school. It is sad to see that some kids are taunted for dirty hair or foul smelling in school.

Accepted professional

Most employers want their workers to be well-groomed and clean. With good hygiene practices, you can make a difference at your work place and impress your boss and get promotions.

Prevention from pain

With good hygiene habits you can avoid periodontal diseases. It will help you avoid tooth ache. With no lice, you can avoid getting any infestation and rashes.