Reputation management is important for celebrities. They understand that there are posts being published about them almost daily. They need to take control of their reputation management by branding themselves accordingly. Their image is important for their careers and often times they rely on their online reputation management to remain in limelight.

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Many celebrities post multiple things throughout the span of one day to remain relevant. This is a smart tactic for them, however, over posting may hurt your business. People are interested in the lives of celebrities, but they may become annoyed by you incessant posting on your social media accounts.

It is important with online reputation management to ask yourself some questions before you post things for the public to see. Here are some examples:

  • Will this post offend anyone?
  • What kind of attention with this post get? Positive or negative?
  • Is this generation interest?
  • How does this make my company look to the public?

If the answers to those questions are all positive, then that should be an indication that it is a good idea to post. Social media accounts are also a great medium to attract customers to your official webpage and increase the traffic there.

Reputation management can be taken a step further by linking your social media accounts to your company’s website. Online reputation management is related to what is trending on the internet. Which applications and social media platforms are trending? What hashtags get the most attention? Your social media account are a good way for your online reputation management team to give your customers an inside look into your daily operations much like how celebrities use their social media accounts to give you an intimate inside look into their daily lives as well.

Social medias could also be used to make major announcements or generate excitement by advertising contests or giveaways. Consumers respond very well to interactive content.