There are several recruitment methods that many human resource managers use nowadays and most of these have worked for the ORM Los Angeles HR manager. Theere are several recruitment methods such as outside recruiters, executive search firms, temporary employment agencies, campus recruiting, educational institutions, professional organizations and associations, websites/internet recruiting, social media, events, SUG, referrals, unsolicited resumes and applications, internet and/or traditional ads, employee leasing, public employment agencies and finally labor unions. Most companies prefer to use their website for recruiting or if the firm is known internationally they will simply put signs up in their physical location saying they are hiring. Nowadays, a very common way of recruiting it on social media since it is inexpensive and you can reach different diverse audiences.

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The overview of the steps in the recruitment process include the staffing plans, the development of a job analysis, write a job description, job specifications development, know laws relating to recruitment, develop a recruitment plan, implement the recruitment plan, accept application materials and finally the selection process. Many employers like to use certain websites to place their ad that they are hiring for a particular position since it is inexpensive. Employers can either post it on their own website, Yahoo HotJobs, Monster, CareerBuilder, JobCentral, Indeed and plenty other sites. Other excellent places to attract workers are on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and especially LinkedIn. Company’s can save an average of 300, 000$ if they use social media instead of another method of recruitment and that’s why it is highly recommended nowadays. They way to attract workers on social media sites would involve creating a buzz about your organization, share stories of successful employees in the organization and tout an interesting culture overall. Platforms such as LinkedIn allow you to leave your CV in your summary without your current employers firing you. You aren’t intentionally job searching or looking for another opportunity if you have your CV on LinkedIn and it allows it to be easy for recruiters to learn more about you and save time.