The kids of the 21stcentuary are much more advanced as compared to the kids from the 90’s. There are many things which have evolved like the gaming experience and modes of gaming. Kids earlier would fly paper rockets but, today the real life look-alike choppers are available for kids to play with. A transistor can be bought in order to enhance the quality of communication between the two pilots in order to enhance the experience and to make sure that they have fun while communicating.


There are many features which a person needs to know about in a chopper, some of them are mentioned below-

10 character user naming-

Name the transistor with you special code so, that only you and your close friends are able to tune in and get to know who is flying around. The use of special codes also enhances the experience as others do not come to know who is flying the air.

Expandable memory-

Get 32 GB variant of RC Auto’s in order to store all your songs and conversations with the other friends. With so much of storage space available, you don’t have to upgrade it in any time soon.

Airplane, glider and helicopter compatible-

The transistor is airplane and glider compatible. The use of transistor for helicopters is not limited. You can fly all three with the programming which has been induced in the transistor that makes it compatible in no time. So, no need to buy a different transistor for your glider of airplane. One box will do it all for you!

Free to upgrade software-

A new model of the Futaba launched? No need to worry because your transistor is capable of getting free upgrades according to the latest models. However, there are seasonal upgrades right before the launch of latest variants to keep you upgraded.