As an e-commerce company, the online reputation management company needs to understand that if they want to do work international or expand into different countries, they need to take into consideration how to design for e-commerce and be able to target an international audience. Web design for e-commerce includes having websites that are designed for users in different physical locations. There are several factors you need to consider including language, culture colors, numbers, and accessibility.

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There are language barriers when it comes to many of the world’s online population and you need to always consider the languages of your target audience. If you are planning to have more than one language on your site, your design needs to take the language nuances into consideration. For the culture aspect of your e-ecommerce site, different cultures react to different things including colors, icons, and graphical components such as sounds, shapes and fonts. The challenge of web design for e-commerce is to create a good design for target users based in different cultural contexts. It is challenging to create a good design for your target users based in different cultural contexts and understanding the different cultural differences will have a positive effect in the design of e-commerce sites for international users. The colors are a widely researched topic, but very few studies have actually been carried out with regards to the effect of color to the context. The colors of an e-commerce website can have an impact on the buyer’s state of emotions, mood, state of memorization and buying intention. An e-commerce web designer is faced with several challenges of choosing the colors and this can result in an increase or decrease in sales while also having to take into account the aesthetics and functional impact of these colors. If you plan on incorporating numbers into your e-commerce site, it is important to remember that certain numbers in certain cultures are bad luck, mean death or are considered the devil’s number and that’s why culture research is important. It is also important to keep in mind the accessibility since the more people that can use your site, the more potential customers you will have.