Albania is now creeping towards promoting Albania tourism industry to let the travelers and tourists from all over the world to explore this country. There are really very great things to do in Albania which is less crowded than any other popular tourist places in the European country.

The ruins of butrint are a great exploration

Butrint is one of the oldest cities in Albania and a great tourist attraction. The Greeks and Romans were the people who visited Albania at the first and they wanted to carry away lots of things with them including the amphitheaters, huge villas and temples. So, you can witness these things scattered along the Albanian coasts which are now recognized as the world heritage sites by UNESCO. When you visit the ruins of Butrint, you can eat, drink, sit, relax and explore the richness of Albania that it had at some point of time in the past.


The exotic beaches to visit in Albanian Riviera

Due to the least exploration of Albania,   its beaches are lest explored. Hence, if you want to enjoy than natural seascape, then nothing can be the best than visiting Albanian Riviera.  There are only few constructions along the coastline of Albanian Riviera so its beaches are completely free from pollution and exploitation. You can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, sea surfing and snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea. You can find the all kinds of facilities that you expect at the beaches during your beach holidays. There are many sandy spots to pick for your Albania holidays. Himara, Dhermi, and Ksamili are some of the most exotic beaches in Albanian Riviera.

Visit Osum for eco tourism

Tourist who are looking for the eco friendly trip and travelling should include Osum in Albania at the top. There are no modern industries in this area of Albania which enabled this place to restore its natural beauty. You can find the rich forestland and the mountains along the countryside. The oldest forests in Albania have now been converted into the protected national parks which enable you to learn about the wild life in Albania. For the hikers, bikers and the nature love, this place has plenty of unexplored places which are waiting to the explored.  The swift river in Osum Canyon is one of the popular places for river rafting in Albania. An array of natural variations of landscapes can be discovered at this place.

Discover the history of Albania

The tourists who are keen interested in the history and tradition of Albania should definitely make a visit to the Albanian Capital Tirana.  It is the biggest city in the country where you can witness the real Albanian culture with the touch of modernity. In Tirana, there are many museums which showcase the history of Albania with proofs. By climbing up the high Mount Dajti in Tirana or going there by cable car, enable you to get the spectacular view of the whole city from the top of the cliff. In addition to this, you can also enjoy trekking and skiing there. Horse riding and hiking are the other activities that are offered at this hill and the area around it.