Apprenticeship program is really bright aspect of any professionalism industry for applicants/ apprentices and for employers both. If you are an aspiring learner looking forward to media apprenticeship, travel apprenticeship or may be for electrician apprenticeships qld and even actually in any industry for building your professional career in that particular field, the options aren’t less. Else you may be a company owner who is looking forward to enroll the apprentice program in your company but little non-informative about it. Both sort of people – a wannabe apprentice and employer needs to acknowledge their respective benefits which they will get from an apprenticeship program.


Benefits of Apprenticeship to an apprentice

Qualification of a person counted by its degree or certificates which comes along heavy tuition fees but qualification essential in any industry to work the practically requires to learn those skills. Some sort of apprenticeship may need or benefited with some pre-knowledge or course but rest of vocational based industries can professionally acquired by you as starting your career with apprentice program. You should know these benefits or advantage which will push you towards apprentice program.

  • Apprenticeship program are structurized training where you will be qualified as learning the particular practical or vocational skills towards achieving the qualification in that industry for further building career in it. You will be gaining those knowledge and skill set as literally working there as apprentice
  • Apprenticeship offers an initial entry in your interested career or industry along with your study or may even before studying of it. You will start a good pay or may lucky to get smart amount in very earlier stag e of your career
  • It is experience, dealing with real problems and issues rather than reading it theoretically. You will develop more qualified skills and confidence in that industry.
  • There will no tuition or heavy admission fees, no education loans and no debt. You will earn with earning which is the best part of it.
  • Apprentice has immense and wide area of choice as there are more than 500 types of apprentices. Nearly every industry with all kind of jobs has apprentice position.

Benefits of Apprenticeship to an employer/Company

More and more companies are determining the importance of apprenticeship program and ending up including it in their company. As company owner, you should look for these benefits and surely get an apprentice program for betterment of your company

  • The apprentice programs are generators of skilled workers for the company in coming future. It is sort of investment where they are training the skills of apprentice according to the company’s process or functionality. They can be future leaders of your company.
  • The skill gaps and process lapses in your company can be filled by these apprentices where minor or non-primary but essential works are efficiently done by them. The apprenticeship program is source of bright employees which will be very well established with company already.
  • It improves productivity, tackles and resolves skill shortage, cultivates fresh ideas and perspectives and also boosts the company’s overall quality of production.