January 24, 2023

A single-family home is in its “prime remodel years” when it’s between 20 – 39 years old, and recent data shows more and more homes falling into that category with every passing year, and that’s a trend that’s expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Remodeling trends are known to come and go as different times call for different projects. Who thought so many people would want a home office before 2020? As we get into 2023, we’re noticing a few remodeling trends taking hold.

Remodel Trends Prime Age Chart Image


People are starting to go back to the office, but many people are still working from home regularly, if not every day. As a result, many people are still remodeling their homes to adapt to their new lifestyles. Some people may be creating a small home office, but larger flexible spaces are becoming more common as well.

A flex room is an area in a house that can be customized and used for a few distinct functions. This may include anything from building a combination home office and guest room, workshop and gathering space, or entertainment center and library. This allows people who shift from work activities to other activities frequently be more efficient and mindful. Real estate agents have noticed that professionals from psychologists to artists are seeking the convenience of being at work and being present for their families at the same time.


The new must-have in the kitchen? Designers are focusing on prep pantries, the successor to butler pantries, a separate prep area usually located off the kitchen or dining area. With so much kitchen entertaining, unsightly items are kept from view in the prep pantry.


With many open floor plans, the traditional front door entry hall has been significantly reduced in size or eliminated altogether. The result? A cluttered mess in the living space when family and friends visit. Enter the friend's entry as the solution. Also known as the luxury mudroom, the friend's entry offers an additional door into the home leading to transitional space between the outdoors and the main living areas. Today, homeowners are reinventing the mudroom into this very space. Sometimes those friends have four legs, so we cannot forget that this can also be a luxury dog room.


Builders know it is all about the windows! Nature’s light source plays a key role in the aesthetics of a room as well as our health and wellness. So, when given the opportunity, take full advantage of natural light. More people are spending more time at home during the day since many people work from home now, so optimizing natural light is more important than ever.


Putting a distinctive touch on a house does not have to mean hefty remodeling projects or expensive undertakings. When looking to truly bring a personality home, small touches can go a long way.

One of the simplest ways to freshen up a space is with a can of paint or wallpaper. Homeowners will focus on previously overlooked areas, like accent walls, in the breakfast nook or bathtub surround. Rather than investing in a total exterior painting project, they will add a pop of color to the shutters outside.


2023 is also the year to change the hardware and fixtures. If the faucet in the kitchen has seen better days, homeowners will consider swapping it out for a sleek new one. This one simple change can make a big impact on how a kitchen feels overall, yet costs relatively little.

And then there are those front doors in need of a little fashion and function. 2023 will see some styled-up entryways. Whether it is a narrow front hallway or spacious landing, redoing the entryway will be a first choice for impactful results—because first impressions matter.

So, bring on the flexibility, personalization, efficiency and more to your customers in 2023. As always, your local experts at Builders FirstSource can help you with any remodeling project you have planned for your home or your customers’ home. We’ll work with you to find the best materials and be your partner until the project is complete.

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